excipient and coating systems.

Cost is a major concern for pharmaceutical manufacturers across the world. At Ideal Cures, we have developed tailor-made cost effective solutions for this problem.

Currently focused on the excipients and coating solutions for solid dosage forms, Ideal Cures understands your needs and develops tailor-made solutions for you. From ready-to-use Film Coating Systems, Modified Release Technologies, NDDS and Acrylic Pharma Polymers to Extended Cooling Boosters, Targeted Delivery Systems, excipients for MUPS technology and Neutral Spheres - we have it all.

We can provide tailor-made and time saving solutions to improve your products' efficiency and help create a unique identity through colour, shape, special coatings, multicolour coating, taste masking agents and flavoured coatings. Whatever your needs, remember, we are the Ideal Cure!

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